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“A very friendly, respectful office staff and Doctor! Best experience of any doctor I have ever had, and I have had quite a few in my lifetime! They know Lipedema, how it affects you, what can be done, received my diagnosis. I consulted another surgeon, but felt most comfortable with Dr Wright and his staff for my surgeries. And excellent results with the first surgery! Lots of personalized care!”

Real Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Wright and his staff are amazing. I have a clotting disorder as well as severe Lipedema in my legs. The pain and swelling were horrible. Thanks to Dr. Wright I feel like I am getting my life back and definitely my mobility. You won’t be sorry you used him!!! I have referred at least 5 other family members and they share my opinion and gratitude to him”

Real Patient Testimonials

“Dr Wright is just amazing! Not only is he an excellent physician, he is a great person. Dr Wright is very professional and caring. I felt very comfortable in talking with Dr Wright about my care. His office staff is fantastic. Everyone works well together to provide Top Level care to their patients. I drive well over an hour and a half to get to his office …. that should say enough right there :)”

Real Patient Testimonials

“This office has to be the best Doctor’s office EVER. I drive almost 2 hours to see Dr Wright. He is well worth the drive. He is very personable and caring. His entire staff is awesome! Such a great group of people who are there to help you!”

Real Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Wright and his staff were very kind and helpful. They were an honest pleasure to work with.”

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Lipedema is an often misunderstood disease that causes disproportionate fat accumulation in the body, often in the legs and arms. Though this is a disease, it is often misdiagnosed or written off as something else. Lipedema causes an increasing spectrum of symptoms, including heaviness and pain in the affected limbs as the disease progresses. Due to the lack of awareness surrounding this very real medical condition, many patients with lipedema do not get the proper treatment and care they need. Dr. Wright is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of lipedema, having helped thousands of patients overcome their symptoms.

Around the world and in the North America there are several different spellings for lipedema. Some examples of common alternative spellings are: Lipoedema [British and Canadian Spelling], lipodema which is an alternate English spelling, German spelling which is also Lipödem.

Though the true cause of lipedema is currently unknown, there are a few ways to combat this disease. Combined decongestive therapy (CDT) is often used to treat lipedema. CDT involves a light massage therapy utilizing a pump and scoop motion towards the heart to drain excess lymphatic fluid. Compression garments help to maintain the results of CDT. Additionally, liposuction can be used to directly treat the deposits of fat associated with lipedema.

If you think you might be suffering from lipedema, don’t wait to get treated. Lipedema only gets worse the longer it is left untreated. Give Dr. Wright a call today and schedule a consultation to see how he can help you overcome this disease and get the body shape and confidence you deserve.