Compression Pump Therapy for Lipedema

The symptoms of lipedema can be extremely difficult to manage without the proper treatment plan. Lipedema is a condition that causes disproportionate fat buildup in the limbs, but it can also cause other adverse effects, such as fluid buildup in your limbs that is the result of the lymphatic system malfunctioning. When this occurs, your lymphatic system is unable to properly drain fluid back through the system. A variety of treatment options that are effective include compression garments and Complete Decongestive Therapy. Another option to help you manage your symptoms at home and on your own is with the help of a pneumatic compression pump therapy.

How It Works

Pneumatic compression pumps are a small unit that you can easily store at home for your personal use. These pumps are ideal for those looking to treat their lipedema without frequent office visits to their physician. These pumps work in a similar manner to the techniques utilized in manual lymphatic drainage massages. The pneumatic compression pump can be an intermittent pneumatic compression device, otherwise known as an IPC, and is worn on your affected limb. The device will help push back fluids to the center of your body. Enjoy the relief of these treatments at home when you are unable to make a trip to your physician’s office.

The Benefits of Pneumatic Compression Pumps

While treatment options like compression sleeves are great to have around and are an important part of managing your lipedema, they may not provide the full relief you are looking for. Instead, IPCs can help you achieve this relief in daily treatments that are as simple as putting the device on. Treatments for lipedema will require frequent doctor’s visits. Utilizing your IPC can help alleviate the concerns you have by receiving treatment at home. IPCs can also assist in utilizing Complete Decongestive Therapy. This type of therapy is ideal for individuals with extremely high levels of lymphedema

Why You Should Consider an IPC

If you are suffering from the symptoms of lipedema or lymphedema, you can attain the relief you need at home with a pneumatic compression pump. By regularly using your pump, you can minimize the adverse symptoms of lipedema and lymphedema. Receiving your very own IPC unit starts with a conversation with your doctor today!